Building a Thriving Practice – Part 2

How to make YOUR practice healthy, viable and sustainable AND how to thrive personally while doing the work you love! As President of The Complementary Medical Association I have, over the last 21 years, worked with tens of thousands of practitioners to support them in developing their practices. Practitioners who take steps to thrive can do exceptionally well. However, it is sad to say that the vast majority of practitioners really struggle to build a practice that will sustain them physically, emotionally and financially.  This need not be the case. This two part webinar intensive will provide you with the laser focus that you need so that you can take steps right now to transform your practice so that it supports you in every way - and provides a wonderful living - doing the work you love. Part 2 – 9th February 2016, 7.00pm – 8pm UK time Having now developed a full understanding of exactly what differentiates you from other practitioners – and how to find your perfect clients, we now need to concentrate on how to get your message out to your audience most effectively – to build your practice sustainably. In this session, you’ll learn how to capitalise on effective communications – in such a way that you’ll grow your practice exponentially. We will drill down deeply to discover precisely how and where to communicate your own carefully crafted message so that you gain the biggest impact for the least amount of time, money and energy expenditure. There will be a poll at the beginning of this webinar so, once again, please arrive online promptly so that you can participate fully and get the benefit of the whole experience. Yes, there will be homework – and of course it is optional – however, I strongly suggest that you do follow through the step by step activities I give you so that you can really reap the benefit of both of these valuable webinars. Food for thought: I have been teaching practice development for over 20 years and have taught many thousands of practitioners. The techniques you’ll learn on these webinars are proven to work! I can confidently claim this as I always follow through with my students and keep meticulous records of their progress – it is through this painstaking, dedicated approach that I know exactly what works in practice – and what doesn’t. I confess that I have a totally vested interest in your success . . . I personally believe that top quality complementary medicine plays a vital role in society. My personal desire is to see as many top class complementary medical and natural healthcare practitioners being as successful as they possibly can be. Greater numbers of successful practitioners equates to better public access to high quality complementary medicine – which can only benefit the world as a whole.

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Jayney Goddard
Jayney Goddard

Complementary medicine

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