Bowen for Chronic Conditions

Bowen for Chronic Conditions

With Alexia Monroe

The goal of this webinar is to give you a framework of understanding about how to apply Bowenwork to complex, chronic conditions.
We will cover:

1. Key principles of Bowenwork beyond the musculoskeletal -- crucial to making choices in complex cases
2. Basic biologics of chronic pain — adjusting your touch
3. Basics of chronic conditions — and the role of inflammation
4. Deep listening and note taking — breaking through preconceptions
5. Discriminating amidst the complexity — finding baseline factors
6. Prioritizing amidst the factors — focusing your Bowen
7. Ethical boundaries commonly overstepped — trying too hard to help
8. Long-term client relationships — managing them with sensitivity and confidence

Course Durations: 1:25:44

Meet Our Course Teacher

Alexia Monroe
Alexia Monroe

Bowen Technique

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