Bowen & Childhood Asthma

A Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk exploring the impact of the Bowen technique on childhood asthma

In this Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk, Alistair Rattray gives us an insightful window into the success and efficacy of Bowen in the treatment of childhood asthma.


Since an unexpected breakthrough with his first child patient in 1999, Alistair has devoted much of his clinical practice and research to conducting a study into how and why Bowen has proved so effective for asthma - in children, and also in adults who have suffered with asthma since childhood. He shares the results of his study in this Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk - richly illustrated with case studies and tips for Bowen practitioners.

Meet Our Course Teacher

Alastair Rattray
Alastair Rattray

Bowen Therapist

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