Book Launch: The Placebo Effect in Manual Therapy

Webinar Date: 01/03/2016 Time: 7:00 PM GMT Brian Fulton will be talking about his new book The Placebo Effect in Manual Therapy.  This is a FREE webinar of interest to all practitioners, whatever their discipline. Numerous studies have made the ‘placebo effect’ the most-studied healing phenomenon known to mankind. In The Placebo Response in Manual Therapy Brian Fulton has drawn on these studies to provide an essential resource for all practitioners who work on a one to one basis with their clients. Those manual therapists who learn from this book will find that their new understanding can lead to improved clinical outcomes for their clients. The Placebo Response in Manual Therapy presents a knowledge-based approach to augmenting your patients’ own healing systems. It explains how to:
  • maximize the placebo response in your patients, using knowledge from 60 years of research
  • “turn on” an individual’s inner healing system, even with challenging patients
  • increase your success rate and your patients’ health outcomes within your current methods of practice
  • use the client-practitioner relationship as a ‘technique’ for improving health outcomes in your patients based on research concerning the therapeutic encounter
The placebo effect of touch is an important factor in the effectiveness of all manual therapy treatments. However most manual therapists are not taught how to make use of the placebo response and many remain unaware of its potential and unsure of how to harness it as part of their therapy. This book is for them. - See more at: http://www.handspringpublishing.com/product/placebo-response-manual-therapy-improving-clinical-outcomes-practice/#sthash.pJfccd6p.dpuf

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