Biotensegrity Day

Biotensegrity Pre Conference Day: British Fascia Symposium - Worcester, UK

Join experts including John Sharkey, Joanne Avison with Dr. Niall Galloway & Graham Scarr for this exciting educational experience filmed on June 24th 2016 the day before the British Fascia Symposium.

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The science of human anatomy is fast changing. The current focus on fascia is having a positive impact on therapists and clinicians across the globe. This is turn is resulting in improved therapeutic results for patients and clients as we better understand the role of fascia in living anatomy. Biotensegrity adds to this knowledge with a new vision of human form and movement that has been received by scientists and therapists to great acclaim.

The most up to date science based models and techniques.  Learn today. Teach tomorrow.

This video course contains 4 parts each separate lectures:

  1. Graham Scarr - How tensegrity replaces the lever model in human movement
  2. Dr. Niall Galloway - Growth and form: Natural geometric expression in cells, tissues and structures.
  3. Dr. Niall Galloway - Biotensegrity of the pelvic floor: New choices, research and latest findings for women health.
  4. John Sharkey & Joanne Avison hold a panned discussion with the audience and above speakers

For more on each speaker please visit their teacher profile by clicking their names above.

4 Parts - Total Runtime: 3:46:58

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