Baby Bowen Procedure for Baby Colic

A Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk: Research on Baby Bowen Procedure for Baby Colic with Georgi Ilchev

Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Keynote Talk Live

The Bowen Therapy Association of Bulgaria initiated a study on the efficacy of the Bowen technique for baby colic. Our goal was to determine how effective the treatment is and to try to provide an explanation where efficacy was limited or none.

The research was conducted over a one-year period, between July 2015 and July 2016, and a total of 170 babies were included. Bowen sessions were applied to all monitored babies once every 4 -7 days.

The following results were achieved: 63% responded to the Bowen technique with a complete recovery, 24% responded with very good improvement with mild, incidental signs of anxiety left, 7% responded with temporary improvement and 6% responded with poor or no improvement.

Attention is drawn to those 6% with insufficient results and hypothetic explanations are given to explain the lack of efficiency, with a view to enriching Bowen therapy training and Bowen technique practice on infants.

The research, which was presented at the International Bowen Conference in Carns, Australia in September 2016, will form the focal point for this Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk.

Course Durations: 54:54

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