Bowen Question and Answer session with John Wilks and Margaret Spicer

 Bowen Question and Answer session with John Wilks and Margaret Spicer

Thursday 16th February at 08.00am UK time, 19.00pm Sydney time.
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This is a great opportunity to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask from two long-time practitioners and teachers. 

Margaret Spicer has been a Bowen practitioner for 20 years and a passionate Bowenwork Instructor since 2000.

Having always had a great interest in the philosophies and practice of natural healing including mind body integration and the innate intelligence of the body, Margaret brings her own personal experience and more than 25 years in clinical practice to the fore to encourage others to explore Bowenwork in-depth.

Margaret has also been instrumental in co-developing the Mind Body Bowen workshop with fellow Instructor, Anne Schubert. This continually evolving workshop, which explores Bowen links with mind body healing and holistic health has been taken by practitioners for continuing education around Australasia since 2002 and to Europe and North America since 2004.

With a background originally as a pharmacist, then a naturopath with more than 25 years involvement in Natural Therapies and a successful clinical practice in Sydney, she brings an in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience to this webinar.

John Wilks studied Bowen in 1994 and has been using it professionally ever since.  He is the author of several books on the subject and has an insatiably enquiring mind that is always exploring new ways of understanding what we do as therapists.  You can see him talking about birth and fascia here:

Please do bring your most difficult questions to this interactive webinar and we will do our best to answer them!

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