Birth, Pregnancy and Child Development

Below you will find our eHealth Talks and webinars relating to pregnancy, birth and child development. The founder John Wilks is an author on birth and pregnancy himself, and this is a core area of study we offer here at eHealth Learning. We have some wonderful teachers for you to experience here and will be adding more to this section ongoingly.

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An Integrative Approach to Treating Babies and Children - Book Launch by John Wilks

Working with babies and children is most successful when therapists have a complete understanding and overview of all appropriate treatment options, and understand the effects of early influences on child health and development.

John Wilks, editor of this book, presents an overview of approaches from a wide range of disciplines exploring the influence of pregnancy, birth and family dynamics on the physical and mental health of babies and children. It is shown how these factors relate to common complaints, such as excessive and different types of crying, chronic illnesses and poor immune systems, and behavioural and attachment issues, and how complementary approaches can be best applied to treat these issues.

Contributors to this publication include Ann Diamond Weinstein, Michael Shea, Carolyn Goh, Graham Kennedy, Matthew Appleton, David Haas, Thomas Harms, Franz Ruppert, Anita Hegerty and Kate Rosati . The foreword is by Franklyn Sills.

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Helping Babies And Families After A Difficult Birth by Myrna Martin

A minority of babies in our culture are currently birthed with no chemical or surgical interventions. Chemical imprinting includes prenatal drug exposure, anesthesia, epidurals, analgesics, and induction drugs. Surgical imprinting refers to forceps, vacuum extraction, cesarean section, and other prenatal and infant surgery. Myrna will delineate the effects of surgical and chemical imprinting on prenates and babies’ psyches, movement patterns, physical structure, energy patterns and the central and autonomic nervous systems. Practical healing tools will be delineated, particularly biodynamic craniosacral approaches and relational interventions. Video clips will be used to demonstrate.

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Pregnancy From A Primal Health Perspective by Adriana Candeias

Our immune response, hormonal balance and emotional connection are determined by factors present in the early stages of our life. The immediate period around birth is particularly relevant in establishing physiological susceptibilities which may explain the tendency to develop serious diseases and behavioural patterns later on. Based on this ground-breaking knowledge, Adriana Candeias developed a deep method of case analysis linking what happens during this critical period, her patient’s core health problem and the possible strategies for them to recover from chronic conditions. This introductory webinar will help us understand which factors are more relevant to develop good health and how we can impact our communities to be healthier

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Baby Bowen Procedure For Baby Colic by Georgi Ilchev

The Bowen Therapy Association of Bulgaria initiated a study on the efficacy of the Bowen technique for baby colic. Our goal was to determine how effective the treatment is and to try to provide an explanation where efficacy was limited or none.

The research was conducted over a one-year period, between July 2015 and July 2016, and a total of 170 babies were included. Bowen sessions were applied to all monitored babies once every 4 -7 days.

The following results were achieved: 63% responded to the Bowen technique with a complete recovery, 24% responded with very good improvement with mild, incidental signs of anxiety left, 7% responded with temporary improvement and 6% responded with poor or no improvement.

Attention is drawn to those 6% with insufficient results and hypothetic explanations are given to explain the lack of efficiency, with a view to enriching Bowen therapy training and Bowen technique practice on infants.

The research, which was presented at the International Bowen Conference in Carns, Australia in September 2016, will form the focal point for this Bowen Therapy Training eHealth Talk.

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Healing Early Developmental Trauma by Myrna Martin

In this webinar, Myrna will be giving a brief overview of pre and perinatal psychology, how it enhances our clinical work and ways of working with mothers and babies.

Myrna Martin has recently completed a video series which synthesizes the content and curriculum of a 3-year professional in-class Pre and Perinatal training program that she has taught for 17 years.  She writes: ‘After having had so many students tell me how profoundly the vital knowledge learned during their training had impacted their personal and professional growth, I wanted to be able to find a way to share it with a wider audience around the world who would otherwise not be able to attend the trainings in person, but could benefit tremendously’

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Choices in Pregnancy and Childbirth - Book Launch by John Wilks

John Wilks and some of his fellow contributors, Lina Clerke, Carolyn Goh and Melanie Ward had an online launch of his new book Choices in Pregnancy and Childbirthon 17th September 2015. The book is a comprehensive and empowering guide to facilitating a positive pregnancy and birth experience, and ensuring lasting emotional and physical health for mother and baby. Countering increasingly medicalized attitudes towards pregnancy and birth among many healthcare providers, this research-based book discusses the benefits of a more natural approach. It reveals the often undisclosed effects on a child’s long-term development of accepted medical practices, such as induction, C-section, surgical interventions and pain-relief medications. It offers advice on how these practices can be avoided, for example with techniques to encourage optimal fetal positioning, by optimising the birth environment, and through drug-free pain management methods. Ultimately, it enables practitioners to support parents in informed, confident decision-making by giving a balanced account of the complex array of options available throughout pregnancy and birth. With invaluable contributions from midwives, doulas, mothers, and doctors, and tried-and-tested advice on sleep, exercise, diet and therapies, this will a very useful reference for anyone working with women and babies. The information will also be relevant to prospective and new parents.

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The Prenatal Person by Franklyn Sills

We are sentient beings from the very beginning of our life in the womb. This talk is oriented to how early experience effects us and how resonances of these experiences may arise in session work. It will look at different stages of fetal development and the personal processes which may arise during session work due to experiences of “impingement” (intrusion) while in the womb, and from not getting our basic needs of safety, nurturance, unconditional acceptance and receptivity met. It will also look at the formative forces which shape us as embryo and recent research related to these.


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Conscious Conception And Pregnancy by Anna Verwaal

From Womb to World – the Journey that Shapes our Lives. Anna will discuss the importance and ramifications of bringing awareness to conception, pregnancy and birth. Anna Verwaal, RN, CLE, is a Maternal-Child Health Nurse, Birth Consultant, Midwifery & Doula Instructor, Primal Period Educator, UCLA Certified Lactation Educator and birth photographer. In 1984 she received her nursing degree in Holland where she was born and raised. Anna has lived, worked and traveled as a registered nurse in cultures as diverse as Holland, Israel, Norway, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Fiji, Uganda, India and the United States.


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Prenatal Umbilical Affect by Matthew Appleton

Psychodynamic theories of personality development generally assume that the period prior to birth is of little or no significance. This result of this omission is that in the therapy room a vast territory of human experience is not welcomed into the therapeutic relationship and, as such, is not brought into consciousness. The term ‘umbilical affect’ is used to describe the ‘feeling state of the foetus as brought about by blood reaching him through the umbilical vein’. Prenatal umbilical affect includes the experience of external toxins mediated through the maternal blood and the feeling tones of the mother. This eHealth Talk will explore the effects of these influences and ways of working with them therapeutically.


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Birth From The Babies Perspective by Matthew Appleton

Matthew Appleton co-founded Conscious Embodiment Trainings in 2006, with his partner Jenni Meyer, to promote awareness of pre and perinatal psychology, sacred ecology and embodied process therapies. Prior to this he was also co-founder of the Institute of Craniosacral Studies and was a co-director and senior teacher with the Institute for 12 years. Matthew is a registered Craniosacral Therapist and Core Process Psychotherapist living and working in Bristol. He trained in Pre and Perinatal Education with Karlton Terry in Switzerland and assisted Karlton in the UK for a number of years.

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Working With Babies And Pregnancy by Lina Clerke & John Wilks

An eHealth Talk with John Wilks and Lina Clerke on working with women during pregnancy and birth, and mums and babies after birth.


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Working With Mothers During & After Pregnancy by Lina Clerke

When child-bearing couples become informed and confident, these empowered parents (by asserting their understanding and needs) can influence the practices and politics of birth in our society at large.


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Working With Pregnant Mums & Babies by Michael Shea

In this eHealth Talk we will explore new research on heart rate variability between a pregnant mom and her unborn baby. Fetal placental development and maternal stress will be highlighted including the new field of behavioural perinatology. Coherent breathing will be discussed as well as the developing fetal heart and cardiovascular system. Specific clinical applications will be presented for practitioners.


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Attachment, Brains And Babies by Graham Kennedy

Our earliest attachment relationships set a foundation for our emotional, psychological, social and neurological well-being. In this eHealth Talk Graham Kennedy will outline the nature of the attachment process, with a particular emphasis on recent findings in neuroscience. He will also explore how the way we are parented, as well as the impact of early trauma, affect our attachment security. Graham will highlight how the therapeutic relationship can be an effective vehicle for helping to resolve early attachment issues, and the types of approach that can be most effective especially with regards to the treatment of children.


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Infant Brain & Heart Development by Michael Shea

In this eHealth Talk we will explore the neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and cardiovascular development of a newborn baby in the 1st year after birth. The 4 different styles of attachment will be discussed. In addition standards of practice for biodynamic craniosacral therapy and its application to infants will be detailed. Specific clinical applications will be presented for practitioners.


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Bowen & Childhood Asthma by Alastair Rattray

Alastair Rattray is an experienced Bowen Therapist and Teaches for the European College of Bowen Studies in London, the South East and Essex. He qualified with the Football Association Treatment of Injury Certificate in 1972 and spent many years as physiotherapist to a semi-professional football club. He practices near Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, London and the South East of the UK. Following some remarkable successes with child asthma, he began his research into the effects of the Bowen Technique on the condition. The continuing success of the technique resulted in his being asked to appear on Discovery Health Channel in the series called Complementary Kids, which was broadcast in the autumn of 2002 and subsequently repeated many times. His work has also featured in both The Sunday Times and Allergy Magazine.

Alastair is an Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine and secretary of the FA Medical Society.


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Understanding Pelvic Floor Issues by Ellen Heed

This eHealth Talk will cover The Four Essential Domains of Functional Health:

  • Biomechanics -Native Flexibility
  • Ergonomics – Posture
  • Environmental or Toxic Exposure
  • Biochemistry – Diet and Nutrition


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Bowen and Women's Health

Sandra Leahy Gustafson BSN RN, is a senior instructor with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA), and lives in Northern California, USA.