Authentic Marketing
for Health Practitioners

Create a successful business that you are passionate about.

Increase your practice’s visibility so potential clients can find you easily.

Gain confidence in marketing your services so your business will thrive.

Online Marketing and Branding Course
with Lynann Politte

Marketing strategist and personal coach
for health and wellness professionals

Course Content

Course materials consist of:
  • Instructional videos (unlimited access)
  • Study Worksheets & Guides

Lynann offers personal coaching sessions (not included in the course). For more details, please contact her on:


Marketing & Branding for Wellness Professionals

  • What is marketing
  • Defining your unique brand
  • Gaining clarity on what services you are offering
  • Defining the benefits you offer
  • Writing an authentic bio
  • Write compelling descriptions of your services and body of work
  • Content for your website and marketing: Elevator speech, taglines & soundbites


  • How to choose the right photos/images
  • What color for your marketing materials
  • Creating logos
  • How to create an effective video about you and your services




Steps to Creating a Compelling Website

  • Why have a website?
  • Six strategic question to ask before designing your website
  • Six steps to designing a great website
  • In depth guidance for Steps 1-3
  • In depth guidance for Steps 4-6
  • Top 5 mistakes in building a website



Where & How to Market Your Services

  • Cross Marketing – What is it?
  • Create print materials
  • Creating promotion videos
  • What are the online marketing opportunities?
  • Overcome Social Media Overwhelm (Facebook)
  • Newsletters that build community and your business




Opening Up to Financial Success

  • Discovering Blocks to making money
  • Overcoming money blocks

This course will provide you with

  • practical tools that you can apply to your business
  • strategy that gets you to your business objectives
  • guidance every step of the way through successful implementation
  • clarity, humour, creativity which makes the whole journey fun and excitin

Course Price £ 197 or $ 250

You will have unlimited access to the course materials after the end of the course.
We offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied after full completion of the course


Lynann delivers her message with clarity, enthusiasm, and humor. She is an expert in her field, and I am confident she can transform anybody’s business into a success following her well laid out plan.

Kris Ressler
Certified Health and Nutrition Coach AADP


Lynann’s approach is not one-size-fits-all, but is a bespoke service.  Her support has enabled me to work smarter, not harder, in accomplishing my goals and shaping my future vision. The best thing about Lynann is that she does all of this with Total Integrity.  She is an impressively skillful business person who understands that the best outcome of any interaction is that all the parties involved feel whole.

Cyndi Lee
Founder OM Yoga, Author


I have had so much anxiety around getting my own branding and website going because I myself am not tech-savvy at all and the job seemed too big to tackle.  Because your information was broken down clearly into steps, I felt I could finally get my website fixed up and create a new look.

Dominique Watts
Yoga Instructor


Working with Lynann gave me the step-by-step tools I needed to market my business online with confidence. She has a keen eye for branding success and helped me create an elevator pitch that is authentic while also effective. I highly recommend her services to any freelancing yoga teacher or healing professional.

Kelly Sands O’Leary
Yoga Teacher & Dreamwork Facilitator