An Integrative Approach to Treating Babies and Children

Join the authors and editor of the new book ‘An Integrative Approach to Treating Babies and Children’ on 6th June at 19.00.This ground-breaking book, edited by John Wilks brings together many of the subjects and presenters we have had here on eHealth in an easy-to read, practical and informative way that will be invaluable for anyone working with parents, mothers and babies. Working with babies and children is most successful when therapists have a complete understanding and overview of all appropriate treatment options, and understand the effects of early influences on child health and development. This book shows therapists how to consider these factors in order to work more effectively within their individual areas of expertise.


Contributors from a wide range of disciplines explore the influence of pregnancy, birth and family dynamics on the physical and mental health of babies and children. They show how these factors relate to common complaints, such as excessive and different types of crying, chronic illnesses and poor immune systems, and behavioural and attachment issues, and how complementary approaches can be best applied to treat these issues. This book also offers helpful advice for working within multidisciplinary teams. Illustrated with case studies and including examples from current research, this book is a valuable resource for therapists from diverse disciplines. Contributors include Ann Diamond Weinstein, Michael Shea, Carolyn Goh, Graham Kennedy, Matthew Appleton, David Haas, Thomas Harms, Franz Ruppert, Anita Hegerty and has a foreword by Franklyn Sills.

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