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Welcome to members of the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund!

The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund has recently teamed up with eHealth Learning to give you access to a new series of online seminars, webinars and filmed content.

Ehealth Learning was started 4 years ago by Bowen instructor John Wilks with the aim of supporting Bowen practitioners to enhance their understanding of the body – how it works, how to treat and how to become a more successful therapist.  There are a large number of recorded webinars (online seminars) available to subscribers with experts from around the world, many of them Bowen practitioners and teachers, all with their own areas of expertise.

There is something for everyone on this site, including an ever-expanding library of recorded seminars and filmed content.  All live webinars are now completely FREE to access and are held usually on a Tuesday evening.

Some of the webinars scheduled for the first part of 2017 include:

  • 10th Jan – Philip Shepherd (Canada) – The Embodied Practitioner
  • 17th Jan – Sandra Gustafson (USA) – The Vagus Nerve
  • 24th Jan – Myrna Martin (USA) – Working with Babies and Parents
  • 31st Jan – Lorna Mair (Singapore) – My Bowen App
  • 7th Feb – Carole Justice Gray (UK) – Dogs, our greatest teachers
  • 21st Feb – George Ilchev (Bulgaria) – Research Project on Bowen for Baby Colic
  • 7th March – Dave Riches (UK) – Being a Successful Practitioner
  • 28th March – Alexia Monroe (USA) – Bowen for Chronic Conditions

Members of the Bowen Association can take advantage of a massive 40% reduction on the normal price of the monthly subscription (normally £20.00 per month but offered at only £12.00). Join us today!

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