Meet Our Team


John Wilks

Managing Director

John is the founder and co-director of eHealth Learning.  He is former chairman of the Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK and author of a number of books including Understanding Craniosacral Therapy, Understanding the Bowen Technique, Choices in Pregnancy and Childbirth, and The Bowen Technique, available from He is currently working on a new book entitled A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Treating Babies and Children and works at a multi-disciplinary clinic in the south-west of England.

John can be reached on


Julian Treble

Production Director

BSc(Hons) Health Sciences – Therapeutic Bodywork

As co-director of eHealth Learning Julian’s main role is head of production and marketing. Julian has a background as a therapeutic bodyworker as well as photography and video production and is equally passionate about complementary medicine as he is imaging.

Julian can be reached at


Dr Carolyn Goh

Asia Community Manager

BEng., MSc., PhD (DIC)., MBBS., BTER, Member of the CCTN

Dr. Carolyn Goh is a medically qualified Bowen practitioner. In addition to a Medical Degree, Carolyn also holds a Bachelors in Engineering, a Masters in Bioengineering and a PhD in Bioengineering. Whilst completing her PhD at Imperial College London in the Analysis of Infant’s Heart Rate Signals and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, her passion for healing led to her embarking on a medical degree. On this journey, she discovered the Bowen Technique and was struck by the healing potential of this therapy.

A highly valued member of our teaching team at eHealth, Carolyn has held a number of eHealth Talks with us – and also features on some filmed courses to be released later this year. Carolyn has recently also become our Asia Community Manager working in Malaysia and throughout Asia to further build our partnerships and networks there.

Dr. Carolyn can be reached at


Harvey Glynn

Video Editor

Based in Seville, Spain, Harvey works with eHealth full-time in post-production video editing. Harvey has had a passion for imaging, gaming and computer science since he was a child, and really enjoys the challenges and ongoing flow of new content he gets to process working on the eHealth talks and video courses. Harvey is a relatively new member of eHealth Learning,  but his energy, enthusiasm and hard work have meant he has fitted in right away.

Harvey can be reached via


George Baldwin

Graphics & Design

With a BA in drawing, George is one or our illustrators and graphical wizards. George is a man of the world, taking freelance artistic placements all over the globe with his business partner, and we have been lucky to work with him since 2012 on many projects. George freelances for us on a wide range of projects from video animation and website design, to client logos and hand or digital illustrative work.

George can be reached via