Fascia – What it is and why it matters

The term 'fascia' – sometimes equalled with the connective tissue – plays a central role in the understanding of both physical pain and and physical performance. This sheet of tissue, made up of densely packed protein fibers, weaves throughout the entire body, and it binds and supports muscles, bones and even organs.

Understanding what fascia is and how it is influenced by the different types of bodywork is not always straightforward as it involves a fair knowledge of anatomy. David Lesondak, a teaching clinician and devoted yogi who works with doctors and integrates a lot of research on fascia, makes this topic accessible to not only physicians but also physical therapists, yoga teachers, massage therapists and non-professionals who have a strong interest in learning about the body.


In this webinar, David presents his recent book “Fascia, what it is and why it matters” that attempts to marry correct science with an engaging way of conveying this complex matter.


Photo by Dev Dodia on Unsplash

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